Come Throw Stuff!

Learn the basics of juggling or practice something new!

Sooo Falls Juggle is an informal group of jugglers in the Sioux Falls area. Since 2015, we have been organizing periodic juggling gatherings in McKennan Park to learn new techniques, practice what we already know, and to teach anyone who would like to learn to juggle.

These informal juggling practice sessions are free and open to the public. There’s lots of space and we have plenty of juggling material—just bring yourself!

To find out about upcoming juggling meetups, follow us on Facebook and / or Instagram.



Join us for World Juggling Day!

Save the date, Sioux Falls!

June 18th is World Juggling Day and we’ll be celebrating with a gathering of local jugglers and juggling enthusiasts! Meet us in McKennan Park June 18th, 5-7pm.

Bring a picnic, bring some friends, and come learn to juggle! We have plenty of juggling material to share, but you’re welcome to bring your own as well.

All ages and skill levels are welcome—no experience needed!

Questions? Contact us here or via Facebook or Instagram!